Stealth Car Headrest Camera Mount





  • Tool-less camera removal. Easy hand grip knob allows quick and easy removal and installation.
  • Constructed from black anodized 6061 aluminum
  • Optimized with FEA
  • Universal fitment
  • Mounts on front or rear headrest posts (driver and passenger side)
  • Rearward offset design for better safety and vantage point
  • Camera mounting screw set 6 inches back from headrest
  • Fits on seats where the seat or headrest design does not allow for a standard straight through fitment, such as BMW “Vader” seats and Subaru Legacy GT seats.
  • Safety strap for secure mounting

Note: If using a GoPro, you will need their GoPro Tripod Mount

The following tips are recommended when utilizing in-car video:

  • A wide angle lens will ensure good coverage of the cockpit and track
  • Select a camera with either flash memory or a video cassette
  • It is best to install the mount on the driver’s seat or another seat with an occupant. The mass of the occupant helps to dampen out vibrations to the camera.

Installation Manual:



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